To be a sanctioned club ride, that is insured and the club is responsible for, it must be scheduled in signup.com, a route provided in RideWithGPS, and it has not been canceled by the Ride Coordinator. The entire Oakville CC membership will receive an email when a ride is canceled.

Rides are canceled for 2 reasons:

  • Weather
  • No Ride Leader

Weather Cancellation

Ride Coordinators review the weather forecasts from popular sites during the 24 hour period leading up to the ride.  If the weather forecast looks bad, the Ride Coordinator will often email the ride leaders that have signed up to lead. This small group offers their opinion.  The final decision is made by the Ride Coordinator and a Cancellation email for all groups is sent out at least 1.5 hours (2 hours on weeknights) before the ride is scheduled to begin.

Ride Leader Cancellation

It is mandatory to have at least one trained ride leader willing to take on the role before a sanctioned OCC Ride may begin.  This year, in signup.com, we have accommodated 3 ride leaders per ride, and a new sweep position (no training necessary). It is not mandatory to have a sweep for a ride.  We hope the sweeps will also want to lead in time.

Ride Leaders start getting emails from Ride Coordinators a couple days before a ride and get updates on needed ride leaders as it gets closer to the time of the ride.  We encourage ride leaders to commit to lead a ride as soon as they can. This drastically reduces the effort required on the part of the Ride Coordinator, reduces canceled rides and disappointed riders.

If no ride leader has signed up in signup.com at least 1.5 hours (2 hours on weeknights) before the ride, the Ride Coordinator sends a Ride Cancellation email to the entire club membership identifying the groups whose rides are canceled due to lack of a ride leader.