This week’s tip deals with regrouping etiquette at stop signs, intersections or side streets.
Given some of the large groups we’ve had riding this spring, we have to pay attention to how we regroup to let everyone catch up.  It’s important that, when coming to a stop sign or intersection and regrouping, to get as far to the right of the street as possible – even when we’re out on country roads.  We need to be mindful of the cars that are out there and try our best not to block their path if we’re going to be stopping for longer than 30 seconds or so.
Even regrouping where there is a side street, we need to be mindful of cars coming out of the side street or cars wanting to turn into the side street.  This includes pedestrians as well.
We don’t want motorists or pedestrians getting the impression that we’re not paying attention out there.  If we can get out of their way, they will be able to pass us quicker and safer, and everyone goes away feeling better.