Ride leader training

Ride leader training will take place virtually on Zoom on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. Anyone who is interested in leading club rides this year is encouraged to attend. Details will be sent out via email and a recording will be posted afterwards.

New rider training

Our new rider training course was conducted online on April 11, 2022. It was hosted by Petrina Tulissi of The Cycling Centre. If you’re new to group riding, or it has been a while, we strongly recommend watching this session. View the recording of the training at this link. The passcode is: h42bhwW$

Oakville Cycling Club Policies

Our policies help ensure a safe, inclusive and fun environment for everyone. Please find the current club policies below. Code of Conduct Membership Policy Risk Management Plan Discipline and Complaints Policy Accessibility Policy Privacy Policy Concussion Policy RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ASSUMPTION OF RISKS AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT Any questions about these should be […]

Club Clothing

Our club clothing has a fresh new design in 2022 and a new, local supplier!

Accidents or Injuries on Group Rides

Everyone knows there are certain risks associated with using the public road system. We should all do our best to avoid obvious traffic hazards, ride our bikes in a safe manner and keep them in a good state of repair. We encourage participants to ride within their abilities. In spite of this, a cyclist may still be injured on an OCC ride.

Activating Traffic Lights on a Bike

How to Activate Traffic Lights on a Bike

Most traffic signals where we ride are “demand-actuated” – they only trip when the detect a vehicle. The good news is that you can activate these lights on a bike at most intersections. Here’s how:


This week’s tip deals with regrouping etiquette at stop signs, intersections or side streets.   Given some of the large groups we’ve had riding this spring, we have to pay attention to how we regroup to let everyone catch up.  It’s important that, when coming to a stop sign or intersection and regrouping, to get […]

Training the Imbalances

Too many cyclists with bulging quads still struggle with a squishy core, wobbly hips, or stiff shoulders. On the bright side, fixing those issues will make you a more efficient rider, says Darcy Norman, a trainer with Athlete’s Performance in Phoenix. Stand in front of a mirror or grab an observant friend and take these tests–the same ones Norman gave every member of team HTC-Highroad last year. If you fall short on any of them, do the corrective moves on nonride days or as a warm-up on ride days. You’ll come out pedaling stronger than ever.


Manage Your E-mail Subscriptions

The OCC has a number of mailing lists used to communicate information to members. To manage your subscription, please follow the links below: