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This week:

  1. Tip of the Week:  Blind Corners
  2. September Special Ride: Welland Canal
  3. OCC Legacy
  4. Club Clothing
Tip of the Week: Blind Corners
Blind corners can be an especially dangerous situation for us cyclists.  There's no way for us to know what an opposing motorist is going to do when coming around one of these corners.

The best thing we can do as cyclists is to stay as far to the right as possible and, if riding in a group, staying single file around the corner.

When turning a blind right corner, staying as far right as possible gets you out of the way of an opposing motorist who might be cutting the corner.  Conversely, when going around a blind left corner, staying as far to the right gives you a better chance if an opposing motorist drifts out from their lane into the oncoming lane.

September Special Ride: Welland Canal
Hard to believe, but we're already coming up to September.  It seems like the season has just flown by.
The next special ride is just a few weeks away - on Labour Day Monday (September 1st).  It's the annual Welland Canal ride - St. Catharines to Port Colborne and back.
The ride is on paved public mixed-use trails, so we won't shooting for any Strava speed records set on this ride.  The distance works out to around 85 km.
The rule of thumb for this ride is that you should be a comfortable with a group 2 (23-25 kph) pace over the course of the ride.  There is one big climb, but overall the route is flat.
This is the overall route for the ride, barring any construction or detours along the way:  http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3241334
Details for the ride (meeting time, start location) will be sent out in next week's announcement.  There is no sign up required although, if somebody is willing to lead a slower paced group, we can split it up and offer the ride out to people in a G1-G2 pace.
OCC Legacy
Fred, Joe M. and I met as an executive a few weeks back.  One of the items on the agenda, and something I would personally like to drive, is to try and create some sort of sustainable and lasting legacy for the OCC.  The club has been in existence for 25 years, gone through some rough patches (near bankruptcy and years of very low membership numbers) but has managed to turn things around - to grow and thrive over the last few years.
One of the ideas we were throwing around was how do we go about creating this legacy - locally in our community, nationally and internationally.
This is where we open things up to you, our members.  We're looking for ideas on how we can create a sustainable OCC legacy.
For example, this year the club purchased a seat and a plank in the Milton Velodrome.  
What other ways can we, as a club, help the world become a bit better place?
Club Clothing
Won't mention club clothing this week.
Just because.
That's it for this week.

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