As you are all aware, we held the 2014 OCC annual general meeting this past Friday evening.  There was a great turnout on an especially cold and somewhat snowy night.  Joe, Fred and myself were all voted back into our respective positions of treasurer, secretary and president so we will be the team leading the OCC in the club’s 25th year of existence.

Fred will be writing up the minutes of the meeting and I will be making available the slide deck that was presented last night. These will be posted onto the OCC website in the coming days for you to browse at your leisure.  A quick recap of the AGM business is outlined below.

We are looking for ride leader volunteers, as well as volunteers for other activities that the club would like to offer.  Please visit the following link to sign up for any way you might be willing to help out this year:

Some of the positions for which we need volunteers:

  • Ride Leaders for the various groups
  • Assistant ride leaders (helping the ride leader when the ride groups get especially large)
  • Tip of the week writing
  • Workshop coordinator
  • Garage Sale coordinator
  • Mentoring
  • Anything else not in the list that you feel might be needed

As promised, a quick recap of the AGM for those that could not attend:

  • Councillor Pam Damoff kicked off the evening
  • I quickly gave a summary of the 2013 season as compared to the 2012 season
  • A summary was given of the work that the executive undertook in 2013 — incorporation, online enrolment, jersey and clothing design, Ancaster Velo startup funding, etc.
  • Joe M. presented the club’s finances
  • I presented a summary of the membership in 2013
  • I gave a report about the time trials
  • Leon gave a report on the work that he and Dave have been doing in the community on behalf of the Oakville Cycling Club and some updates about infrastructure projects in the region
  • A vote was taken for Leon and Dave to continue serving as the face of the OCC in the community – it passed and they will continue the hard work that they are doing
  • Awards were handed out:
    • Chris Riecker was awarded best new rider (couldn’t attend)
    • Sandra Jesson was awarded most improved rider
    • Nick Hobson was awarded best young rider
    • Carla Wilson was awarded the resolute rider award (couldn’t attend)
    • Time trial awards went to Keith Ritchie (points) and Allan Crowe (fastest time)
    • Jeremy Hardman received the OCC award of gratitude
    • Joe and John Ruta of Cyclepath Oakville received the Stan Adams award for their outstanding volunteer service to the community, the sport of cycling and the OCC
  • I went over the results from the 2013 survey
  • The election of officers took place – as mentioned previously, Joe, Fred and myself were voted back into our respective positions
  • A vote was taken on amending the OCC constitution – it passed.  The newly amended constitution will be posted on the OCC website soon.
  • For the 2014 season, time trials will go on hiatus as there wasn’t enough interest in the club as a whole to continue running them.  That said, we are affiliating with the OCA as a competitive club, so if there is interest, we can bring them back at any time.
  • Joe M. went over the proposed budget for 2014 – it was voted on and passed
  • Some ideas for 2014 were proposed.  Nothing set in stone and always looking for new ideas.
  • Finally, we announced that we are expanding the clothing offering:
    • Full zip jerseys will be offered – one the same quality as last year and one a higher quality
    • Mens and women’s styles will be offered
    • A long sleeve jersey will be offered
    • A sleeveless jersey – mens and womens – will be offered
    • The jersey design was tweaked slightly – the blue at the bottom was removed
    • Shorts will be offered – both bibs and regular shorts, mens and women’s – all with a high quality chamois
    • A mens and womens jacket will be offered
    • A vest will also be offered
    • Clothing ordering will be going online for 2014 – the system will be run by Louis Garneau
    • More details will be coming in the days and weeks ahead – we’re looking to have a fitting week where you can pop into Cyclepath Oakville, try the various clothing and sizes on, and find the one that’s right for you
  • With that, we brought the official part of the evening to a close