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In today’s announcement:

  • Clothing Order – Round 2
  • Special Rides in August
  • Skills Training – July 24th
  • Sierra Leone Bike Donations

Clothing Order – Round 2

After receiving feedback from members wanting an opportunity to make additional purchases, we have made arrangements with Louis Garneau to open a second clothing window.  Similar to the first, it will be a two-stage process:  a pre-order window to express interest, and then a payment window.  Please make note of the following for this round:

  • Garneau will offer prices at the same price as our first order window assuming minimum orders are placed
  • Minimum orders are as follows:
    • For all men’s clothing items, a minimum of 6 items of the same style must be placed
    • For all women’s clothing items, a minimum of 4 items of the same style must be placed
    • For all accessories (caps, knee and arm warmers), a minimum of 12 items of the same type must be placed
  • Items not receiving the minimum number of orders will not move to the payment phase.  Members will have the opportunity to change their purchase to an item that met minimum requirements

The pre-order window will remain open until 11:59pm on Sunday July 24th.  Orders can be placed via the following link:
If you do not have an account on the Louis Garneau site already, please add items to your cart before trying to create an account.  You will receive an option to create an account at this stage.

Special Rides in August

The Ride Leaders have been planning dates for a few special rides in August:
Munn’s Group:  Hamilton to Port Dover – Sunday August7th

  • A Group 5 paced ride will make the trek from Hamilton to Port Dover for about a 200km round trip ride

Group 2, 3 and 4:  Niagara Ride – Sunday August 14th

  • Group 2 and Group 3 will do the traditional GO Train to Niagara and ride back to Oakville (about 110 km)
    • Due to constraints on the train, each group will be limited to 10 riders and requires pre-registration
    • Pre-registration can be done by replying to this email indicating what group you wish to join; a wait list will be started if we reach capacity for either group
    • Any members wishing to participate and can make their own way to the Niagara GO station are welcome to join members for the ride back
  • A Group 4 paced ride from Oakville to Niagara and back (about 220km)
    • The ride will depart early morning (around 6:15am) with a plan to eat and meet members coming down on the train when they arrive
    • Riders should be comfortable riding the first half of the ride at a moving average between 30-32 kph; this is required as there will be a stop on the way to top up bottles and accounts for mechanicals and time to get food in Niagara
    • There will be an option to join the ride from Hamilton (Confederation Park) for those who would like a slightly shorter ride (170km)
    • Based on the size of the group, it may join the Group 3 ride back given there could be some tired legs

Skills Training Session – July 24th

If you are interested in attending the skills training session next Sunday morning, we still have a few openings.  Please sign up through the following link:


Sierra Leone Bike Donations

As you may know, Bent Fink-Jensen our membership chair, is a member of one of Oakville Rotary Clubs. One of the Rotarians in his club has set up an organization (Make a Great Pass) to collect used sports gear which is shipped to Sierra Leone to be distributed by an organization called Canserra (www.canserra.org/) in Thunder Bay. Make a Great Pass has mostly collected soccer gear, much of it donated by the Oakville Soccer Club, but Bent found out from talking to the founder of Canserra that they also ship bicycles to Sierra Leone.
He thought it would be great if our members could donate bikes they no longer use and get some more use out of them that way. Hybrids or mountain bikes would be preferred but, while they would prefer bikes in good condition, they will accept any type of bike in any condition. Any many cases adults and children has no means of transportation, other than walking, so you can imagine a bike would be very welcome.
If you have any bikes you would like to donate, or know someone in your network who does, would you please contact Bent (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and let him know. He will then organize either a pickup or drop-off. The deadline for donations is Sunday, August 7.
Have a great week!


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