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Hi All,

The 2014/2015 OCC AGM is behind us.  Joe, Fred and myself are taking a quick break and will be hitting the ground running next week with planning for the 2015 riding season.  

For those of you that came out to the AGM last Friday, thanks very much for your attendance.  For those that couldn't make it, hopefully we'll see you next time around.  I have also included some notes from the evening, as well as a link to some pictures taken from the evening.


  • Dave started the meeting
  • 2014 season summary, as compared to 2013 season


    • Fewer members (~370 in 2014 vs. ~400 in 2013) due to no more Ancaster rides being offered
    • Rec group well received
    • Fewer special rides - need assistance to plan
    • No time trials in 2014 and will continue this way going forward
    • Cyclocross expanded a bit in 2014

  • Summary of executive accomplishments in 2014


    • Expanded clothing offering - still have clothes in stock.  Direct ordering was done through LG
    • Guidance of Ancaster Velo - new club, assisted when asked.  Grew to 130 members in first year.
    • Early membership cutoff - membership closed in mid-June
    • Velodrome support - Section 15, Row 1, Seat 1 is OCC's seat
    • Leon & Dave continued community outreach in 2014
    • Andy Saito on velodrome committee

  • Joe presented financial report for 2014



    • Another surplus, addressed in 2015 budget as "giving back"

  • Dave presented membership summary for 2014
  • A quick summary of cyclocross - thanking Steve T. for running it
  • Little video shown shot by a drone at Forks of the Credit - shows group 3 riding through
  • Leon Hawes gave a recap of what he and Dave have been doing on behalf of the club with Oakville, Burlington and Halton



    • Motion to have Dave and Leon continue in their roles was voted on and majority agreed to continue

  • Awards handed out:



    • Best new rider: Terry Horan
    • Best young rider:  William Malcolm
    • Most improved rider:  Colin McGirr
    • Resolute rider:  Gary McGahey
    • Best group rider:  Andrew McMaster
    • Best new ride leader:  James Murchison
    • Most committed ride leader:  Arthur Hurn (this award will be renamed in honour of Arthur for this year)
    • OCC builder award:  Fred Moshenko
    • OCC award of appreciation:  Steve Traenkmann
    • Stan Adams award:  Andy Saito
  • Thank Yous:



    • To club members as a whole
    • To ride leaders for their assistance
    • To Jeremy H. and Owen L. for helping with clothing
    • To Jeremy H. for ride coordinator duties

  • Bent Fink-Jensen then ran the election of 2015 officers



    • President:  Dave B. (acclaimed)
    • Treasurer:  Joe M.  (acclaimed)
    • Secretary:  Fred M. (acclaimed)

  • 2015 season plans:



    • Joe presented budget for 2015
    • Stressing need for volunteers
    • Ideas for 2015:



      • Expansion of Cyclocross rides
      • Having Cyclepath race team come out and demonstrate some skills to those interested

    • Membership opening soon (Feb 2nd anticipated), closing May 31st
    • Possible start location at Milton velodrome (idea shot down immediately)
    • Lack of ride leaders - will cause rides to be cancelled if ride leaders can't be found for various groups
    • Explained a bit what it means to be a ride leader
    • Ride leader workshop scheduled February 28th
    • Volunteer form link will be sent to membership in the coming days - via the announcements distribution list
    • Official riding season to start mid-April, going to end of October (road rides) -- cyclocross will go later

  • Q&A: Answered two or three questions from members
  • Meeting adjourned




 ... and if you made it this far, pictures from the evening:





Thanks, and stay tuned for the volunteer signup form coming out in the next few days.






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