This week:

  1. Tip of the Week: Hill Climbing Etiquette and Safety
  2. 407/Appleby Weeknight Rides Concluded
  3. Munns Weeknight Time Change
  4. Cyclocross Information


Tip of the Week: Hill Climbing Etiquette and Safety

This week's tip of the week concerns hill climbing etiquette and safety.

Everyone has varying levels of ability and skill when climbing hills.  It's important to know your limitations and to stay as far right as possible when climbing a hill.  This will allow stronger climbers to pass without being forced into theoncoming lane.  It's pretty obvious why you should never go into the oncoming lane, which becomes especially dangerous when climbing a hill.

When the hill is especially steep, long or difficult, the lead group should be stopping or slowing down at the top to let everyone catch up.


407/Appleby Weeknight Rides Concluded

With sunset being just after 7 PM, the decision among the ride leaders was to cancel this coming Tuesday's 407/Appleby rides.

We hope everyone has enjoyed the weeknight rides out of 407/Appleby.

Sunday Halton Region Centre group 1-4 rides will continue until the end of October.


Munn's Weeknight Time Change

The Munn's Tuesday & Thursday rides will continue until the end of October, but with a new start time - 5:30 PM.


Cyclocross Information

More information on the cyclocross rides has been posted on the web site.  

Please visit the following link if you're interested in joining the group for these rides:


That's it for this week.