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The club is run entirely by volunteers. Some positions are elected for one-year terms annually at the club Annual General Meeting; most are simply a matter of people putting their hands up to help out. Here is an overview of the current volunteer positions:


To set the vision and provide leadership of the club by directing and coordinating activities, in coordination with the executive committee. The President is ultimately responsible for the club. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct meetings with the executive team to set direction for the club and raise / discuss issues of relevance to the club
  • Ensuring club constitution is followed
  • Providing regular communication to the club membership - club events, safety tips and anything else pertaining to the club
  • Representing OCC at Ontario Cycling Association meetings such as the OCA Annual General Meeting and yearly club presidents meeting

Vice President

To assist the President to fulfill their responsibilities for the governance and success of the club. The Vice President role is commonly regarded as preparation for the next President, however, Vice Presidents do not automatically ascend to the presidency.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Backup for the President at club meetings
  • Communicating with the Ontario Cycling Association - affiliation, seeking guidance on membership issues, submission of key documents such as injury reports and 'special' rides to ensure insurance coverage
  • Ensuring key positions are filled
  • Ensuring club policies and guidelines are updated and communicated to the membership 


To provide administrative support for the executive committee and club, ensuring the club administration operates in accordance with policies.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan executive meetings, record and store minutes
  • Arrange for parking permission at ride starting locations
  • Secure insurance for Directors and Officers of the club
  • Arrange for plaques and trophies for annual club awards


To manage the flow of money into the club and for allocating and recording how that money is spent to run the club.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Liaise with the Club’s bank
  • Ensure funds paid from the Club’s account are appropriate and are made against incoming invoices, receipts or authorisation from the Committee Members
  • Ensure all incoming funds are recorded, reconciled and allocated appropriately
  • Provide financial guidance and reports to the Executive Committee
  • Prepare financial statements at each AGM

Membership Coordinator

To manage member registrations and membership renewals each year.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Answering queries, providing information, and maintaining membership records
  • Work with registration partner (CCN Bikes) to assure smooth and timely registration for all returning and new members
  • Maintain a list of persons who have expressed interest in joining the club when the current membership is full

Clothing Coordinator

To work with our designer and chosen clothing manufacturer to produce kit for the club

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the designer on new kit designs or any adjustments on design as required
  • Liaison with the contact at the manufacturer to negotiate pricing and arrange for ordering and delivery periods
  • Organize Fit Kit timeframes for member fittings

Communications Coordinator

To maintain the club website, coordinate email and social media communication, organize presentations and oversee technology and tools that support club operations

Key Responsibilities:

  • Update website (currently runs on Joomla)
  • Coordinate email audience, campaigns and surveys (MailChimp)
  • Coordinate route management tool (RideWithGPS)
  • Monitor and update club Facebook page

Events & Social Coordinator

To plan and organize special events and club activities

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan AGM, club social(s), rider training sessions, ice cream events
  • Liaise with host locations and vendors to book and pay for events

Ride Coordinator

To coordinate and schedule ride leaders and maintain the ride calendar

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create the ride calendar in RideWithGPS
  • Contact ride leaders to fill spots and determine routes
  • Populate the calendar to create a schedule

Send ride cancellation email notices as needed

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